Marine ingenuity

  • Maritime ingenuity

Sea ingenuity is the signature of Suvem and the basis of our success. Knowledge and experience are sources of inspiration when we travel to the future. Dedicated and with a thirst for knowledge, we are happy to meet our constantly changing environment. Inventiveness is a spark that illuminates the spirit of Suvem's professionals.















  • Our vision

The growing world population needs more space. The growing volume of world trade requires better port facilities.

  • Our mission

We are an international contractor specializing in dredging, offshore projects and container transportation. We work closely with our customers to create innovative, sustainable solutions and safe working conditions.

  • Our values

Marine Business.

Our enterprise was formed in an effort to curb the water element and make life around more stable. The joint, unique Finnish-Russian characteristic, pioneer thinking, is deeply embedded in us and makes us the best partner for our clients.

 Professionalism and stability.

We are committed, and we always strive to achieve the best result. We are in business to win.

 Passion and inventiveness.

We are driven by our passion for water and technology. As a team, we are eager to tackle marine challenges and find the pieces of the ingenious puzzles we're solving.

 Integrity, openness, respect, and team spirit.

The knowledge, experience and teamwork of our ingenious people are the engine driving our prosperity.

 Care for people.

 Care for people lies at the heart of our company. Working closely with our clients and partners, with respect for each other and the environment, we strive to earn a healthy profit. Our employees enjoy a safe working environment in which they continually embrace opportunities to learn.