SUVEM owns five ships. Two dredging vessels and two multifunctional crane vessels, one ocean-going tugboat and additionally operates two more vessels.


We are able to send these vessels almost anywhere in the world in order to fulfill the assigned task. SUVEM Dredging division is a respected marine contractor that owns, operates and maintains a diverse and extensive fleet of dredging and support equipment.We serve customers that require dredging for navigation and restoration, in turn maintaining the waterways that transport goods and fortifying our infrastructure and coastlines. SUVEM provides a cohesive dredging services life cycle. We specialize in both capital and maintenance dredging for deep or shallow draft navigation, as well as coastal restoration and protection. The division employs a talented and motivated workforce that includes managers, engineers, technicians and support personnel — all with experience and qualifications that are second to none. Our primary objective is to deliver exceptional customer service in the spirit of partnership, while upholding the highest levels of safety, environmental sensitivity and operational efficiency.                                                                                                             

Capital Dredging

SUVEM has vast experience in capital dredging, specifically the deepening and widening of existing waterways, as well as the removal of land to build new ship terminals. These measures are imperative to facilitate the movement of massive ships used for national and international trade. Our diversified fleet of dredges gives us the capability to undertake multiple projects at once, each with its own complexities and challenges. Weeks can handle a range of material types, including rock, cemented sediments, clay, sand and silt, and we understand the associated regional challenges. Our dredging equipment is tailored to address this diversity, and our performance expertise spans the East and Gulf Coast regions. Our Dredging division frequently works in concert with our Construction and Marine Services divisions to achieve synergies in the design and execution of projects.

Coastal Restoration

The majority of our coastal restoration work is in Finland, where we have rebuilt marshes, islands and beaches that had been degraded or destroyed. We are experts in coastal resiliency and can deliver a wide range of efficient solutions. With decades of experience in restoration services, Weeks can provide key insights to our clients and design engineers, helping to guide the process and maximize the success of their project. We place great value on the spirit of partnership. 


Land reclamation

Reclamation creates land for the future: industrial sites; residential areas; ports, airports and artificial islands. It is at the cradle of economic development. Volumes of sand are transported to the reclamation from a borrow zone at sea or material from capital dredging projects is beneficially used in major land reclamations.

Coastal defences


Port construction

Sea ports have always been the gateway to the outside world. The increase of world population, the commodity boom, the globalization of world economy, the growing demand for energy and the spectacular growth of maritime trade are the driving forces behind port construction and -expansion. New transport methods and the increase of scale of modern sea going vessels require continuous adaptations of existing ports and the construction of new ones.

SUVEM has a experience in port construction. It involves often a multidisciplinary approach. Preliminary soil investigation, surveys, nautical studies, and environmental assessments are necessary. Dikes, breakwaters, and underwater bunds provide protected berthing. Capital dredging guarantees sufficient depth and width in the access channel, turning basins, docks, and at the toe of quay walls. The dredged material may beneficially be used for the reclamation of new land.

Furthermore, SUVEM can provide the design and build aspects of all civil marine related structures in ports. (quay walls, jetties,...)

Complete and integrated solutions can in this way be offered to our clients.